September 21, 2006

Dance of Life

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance."


Lizza said...

Oh yeah. Life is short. Dance away!

ela zawrat said...

this picture is sooooo amazing. I'm just assuming it's you, but even it it isn't it still is, isn't it?
what am I saying here. Just saying hi and thanks for visiting my blog. I love being able to visit and have a glimpse of your life!

See you later!

and, by the way, my exotic dancer name turned out to be Barbie :0 Yes, who comes up with stuff like that?!

Irene Tuazon said...

Lizza - Your notes always make me smile. c",)

Ela - You beautiful "Barbie" Doll you!!! c",) That isn't me dancing. I wish it was. I told my photographer husband he has to shoot me like that. I always have the overpowering urge to dance with wild abandon when rain pours down so deliciously. Don't you? :p

Catch you again soon!

slaghammer said...

I dance to both kinds of music, country and western. Or, I used to before I became persona non grata in the goat roping community for the crime of "failure to hate". Now I just hum.

ian said...

I dance like Freddie Prinze Jr. acts.

I'd much rather be playing the music people are dancing too. I miss being in a band.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Melanie said...

thanks a lot was written in the place i talk about.most o my poetry is on experiences.
thanks once again.
keep the comments coming.

Ghostrose said...

Yay!!! That goes with one my favourite sayings: "The world doesn't end just because we stop to dance." Lovely picture too. :-)