November 11, 2012


I refuse to be a golf widow, so I decided to take up the game with my husband. 

I realize that I actually enjoy it. The surroundings are so calming and peaceful, and getting that one good hit feels so amazing that it makes up for all the lousy ones before it.  

But you know what I really love about it? Getting to driving the golf cart! It's so fun speeding about the lovely hills and taking in the breathtaking views in my little vehicle. 

It's simply exhilarating, made even more so when my son is with me on the ride. His whole face beams with joy as we weave across the course and jump in and out the cart for every hole. During those moments, I forget all my worries and cares and just forge on ahead, savoring the moment. Wheeeeee!

See you at the greens!