November 09, 2006

Just Four You

First, there was five.

Then, there was

Now, there is FOUR.... thanks to the tag of
The Handsome Houseband Chronicler.

Here are assorted bits about me, just four you.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

Hotel Intern

I apprenticed one summer at Hotel Intercontinental Manila. It was my first job ever. My boss wanted me to stay on and work there after college but my overprotective father did not want her precious only daughter to be exposed at the front desk and be propositioned to by all sorts of strange men from foreign lands. So poof when that idea. BWaHaHa!

Call Center Officer

I worked at Citibank as part of the pioneering group that paved the way for all the 24-hour call centers now mushrooming in our country. I took more than a hundred calls a day for two years. This is the reason why, until now, I absolutely hate having to answer the phone.

Priority Banking Executive

At Citibank, I moved on to assuming the role of banking executive in charge of high net-worth clients. To my father's chagrin, that's where I ended up being propositioned to by all sorts of strange, albeit stinking rich, men. Yikes!

Retail General Manager

I managed a chain of jewelry and gift shops with several branches nationwide. It was a great perk being able to buy jewelry at a discount and on installment!

I learned a lot from my various jobs and had my moments enjoying them all. But now I've found that nothing quite beats the fulfillment of being a loony wife/mommy and blogging muse. c",)

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Prison Break

Words are unnecessary; photo is self-explanatory.


Jack Bauer for President. Woohoo!

Must come with warning: Totally addictive. Loss of sleep an inevitable side effect.

Once you start, you just can't stop! You can easily tell if someone has the next season's complete DVD set of 24 by gauging the size of his eyebags.


When I grow up, I want to be a Crime Scene Investigator and join the Las vegas unit!


How I miss this show! The reruns still make me laugh out loud.

Four of my favorite foods:

Filet Mignon

Ahhhhh! Heaven with each scrumptious bite.


How can anyone resist such prettily decorated nibbles of delicious pleasure? I can forego the main course for these darling delights!


A complete, perfectly savory meal by itself. Yum!


Are you hungry yet?!

Four movies I would watch over and over:

My Best Friend's Wedding

Who doesn't love this movie? My favorite part is the restaurant scene where George gets everyone to sing Dionne Warwick's "I Say A Little Prayer" along with him.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The incredible amount of hotness in this action-packed film is plain mesmerizing.

Jerry Maguire

This movie had me at hello.

The Cat in The Hat

I have no choice but to watch this film over and over again because my toddler adores it to bits!

Four places I have lived:

I have lived nowhere else but here.... I'll just enumerate four places I have traveled to outside the Philippines:



Hong Kong


Four places I would rather be right now:


I want to kiss in a gondola in Venice during sunset.


I want to kiss by the Eiffel Tower beneath a starlit sky.


I want to kiss underwater in the crystal clear endless ocean.


I want to kiss Reynaldo Gianecchini.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.


Four people I think will respond:

Ian the Irish




It's your turn to do the tag four me! Have fun!


houseband00 said...

Thanks for playing, Ms. Beautiful! =)

Lenchak na picture ng chocolate yan...=P

Lizza said...

Chocolaaaate...mmmmm! I want to join CSI too. :-)

Pearl said...

I want to kiss you.

madpotter said...

You really climbed the ladder quickly and have worn so many different hats. There's no doubt the most significent is Blog Mommy. It is where you shine! Now, if I could just get that gooey chocolate lick out of my mind before I do something I will regret!

ShadowFalcon said...

I love Prison Break I watched the whole series in a week, it almost beats chocolate...

Jazz said...

I'm watching season for of 24 on DVD right now... Eybags galore.

SolaceCai said...

I don't like chocolate (I think I'm the ONLY female that doesn't lol)
I love 24 and Prison Break. I don't get to watch them most of the time though, I'm always at work then :(
If you go to Brazil I have to go with you! I would kill to kiss that man!


Bearette24 said...

i worked at a call center once too! re reynaldo...does hubby read your blog? ;) and where did you visit in the US?

Michael C said...

Filet Mignon? I knew I liked you...

Lucy and Ethel love The Cat in the Hat! I tried to get them to watch Wayne's World and Austin Powers since Mike Meyers kind of has the same jokes and routines in all of his movies. Whether is was the fur or the hat, it didn't work.

They do like saying the phrase "yeah baby" now though. They end many of their sentences with it. I keep waiting for their preschool teacher to address that issue with us. Seriously, I'm not making that up!

Have 4 times a great day as you would normally have!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. I like your food!!! =) I wanna try it! Is that rice? Yummy!!! Like the photo of our Twin Towers too.. hehe!!!

Rafael Arjona said...

CSI, Prison Break, Friends, they are the same series that we see here, must of being globalization
Chocolate also pleases anywhere in the world

choochoo said...

I guess I'm tagged. I think I can, I think I can:D

mysti said...

Awsome meme again. I love CSI as well as several other things you mentioned. I totally want to be in Italy or France right now!

Irene said...

Handsome Houseband: I admit I had fun playing, so thank you na rin! c",)

Lovely Lizza: See you at the Las Vegas Crime Lab then. Woohoo! :p

Pearl: MwaaaaH!

MadPotter: I don't know about climbing any ladders, but I do know I'm grateful for the varied work experiences that helped mold me into what I am now. The shining blog mommy thanks you. c",)

ShadowFalcon: I can't wait to catch up on the most recent Prison Break season. Sigh! More sleepless nights....

Jazz: Try cold cucumber slices on your eyes to minimize those telling 24 side effects. ;p

SolaceCai: You really don't like chocolate?! *GASP* Oh well, that's ok. You can still come to Brazil with me. :p

Beautiful Bearette: Darling Hubby reads my blog sporadically, but he does know about Reynaldo. He's used to his loony wife's fixation for fine-looking men. After all, I did choose to marry HIM. Haha!

I was only 12 when I vacationed in the US with my Mom and brother. We went to LA, NY, New Jersey, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Pennsylvania, Washington and Virginia. It seems we have relatives everywhere int he States! Can't wait to go back. c",)

Marvelous Michael: Let's go have a delicious filet mignon dinner soon. Yeah, baby! :p

Princess Shin: The next time I go to Malaysia, I'm knocking at your door! c",)

Rafael: Yes, we do share more things than we realize across the globe. Want some chocolate? ;p

Choochoo: Yes, you can. Yes, you can!

Irene said...

Magical Mysti: Wonderful! Let's travel together on wings of a dream. c",)

Annika Rose said...

U have a cool blog! I like U put photos of everything. That guy is pretty dang hot. Thanks 4 coming 2 my blog!

Annika xoxo

SQT said...

Ok, I have answered your tag and tagged four more. Whew!

Besides, who can resist an opportunity to put up another picture of Wentworth Miller?

Imemine said...

I missed the Philippines! Mabuhay! Kagandagandaan!

Irene said...

Annika Rose: Thanks! I adore the photos in your blog. They are all stunning to behold! c",)

Shadowfalcon: That was indeed a weird comment. Whoever it was meant for, I just took it out because my blog has no room for spite.

Sqt: Wentworth fans unite! Woohoo! c",)

Imemine: Maraming salamat! ;p

Anonymous said...

Great list. You have good traveling taste!

Tom Atkins said...

Four! Nine! Whatever the number, you come off as special. Thanks for sharing so much of you here.


thethinker said...

I love Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And CSI. Great list.

Ms. Val said...

Irene, you come up with the BEST pictures!!!! How do you find these? I really liked the picture of the canapes...too pretty to eat.

theresa said...

I love your blog.

I too do not like chocolate.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'm adding you to my favs!

kyels said...

I can watch Mr and Mrs. Smith and Jerry McGuire over and over again too!


And chocs ... Yummy!

Tim Rice said...

This was fun reading. And you sure do go all out doing these things. :)

Irene said...

WonderMom Janet: Thanks for always dropping by and leaving comments. It brightens my day. c",)

Poet Tom: Thanks. Have a great weekend ahead, my friend!

The Thinker: Cool!

Ms. Val: Glad you like them as it takes a bit of work scouring the net in search of the most fitting images. (",)

Theresa: Woohoo! I'll do the same for you. c",)

Keyls: Try watching those films while eating chocs! Bliss! ;p

Tim: Going all-out? That must be the obsessive-compulsive part of me revealing itself. Haha! (",)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Thanks for visiting me - Friends re-runs still make me laugh, too!

violetvirus said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Irene! luv yours, too :)

-Princess Shin- said...

You're most welcome! =)

JR's Thumbprints said...

My wife watches Prison Break. I, on the other hand, need a break of my own from all that nonsense. Nice answers and pictures by the way.

Ched said...

Jack Bauer for President.

By far your smartest choice! Bauer for secretary of Defense...

Irene said...

Bec of the Ladies Lounge: Glad to know we're friends when it comes to "Friends." *groan* :p

Violet Virus: Hope to catch you again soon! *another groan* :p

Princess Shin: Have a lightning-free weekend!

JR: Of course you don't need to watch Prison Break! What you should do is write for the series based on your real life experiences so they get things right. ;p

Ched: With how much Jack Bauer can get done in 24 hours, he'd probably succeed if he was President AND Secretary of Defense at the same time. Woohoo! :p

maryanne said...

i looove friends. i bought the entire ten seasons and then watched them when i could, usually a volume a night. then i got tired of the whole thing by the eighth or ninth season and put the entire collection up for sale.

good thing nobody bought it, because after a month, i watched the tenth season and loved it.

now when i'm cleaning up in my apartment or just doing my weekly filing and bookbinding, i just put on a cd and listen to it. i find the familiar sounds comforting.

MerapuMan said...

i like Jerry M too.
for TV, i'm into CSI (miami, vegas, ny) and also Dr House.

Laurent said...

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I really like it.
A big hello from Paris.
Take care

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