October 28, 2006

9 of 999

This time, I’ve been tagged by Queen Mimi herself.


No, I am not saying that Mimi is weird.

What I am saying is that this meme is weird.

There are no questions to answer. I have been handed the curious task of simply listing nine weird things about myself and then tagging nine others to do the same.

Of course, the challenge now for me lies in choosing 9 out of the 999 or more oddities I possess!


1. Say where?!?

I have absolutely no sense of direction. Maps, compasses, street signs are just a bunch of jumbled, garbled, Greek symbols to me. My driver’s license is useless because even if I know how to drive, I have no idea how to get to where I’m going. If I joined
The Amazing Race, I would not make it past the first pit stop. Heck, I wouldn’t even know how to get to it! I don’t need to watch the TV show Lost because I AM LOST ENOUGH.

Click on this to get a clearer picture of just how lost I am.

2. OUCH...I did it again!

I am a major clutz. I fall and bump into and over anything and everything. Black and blues dotting my body are nothing new since I always hit furniture corners, jutting doorknobs, and such.

When I was a teen-ager, I stumbled and slid down the fifteen hard steps of a wooden staircase as I rushed down to get a phone call from a boy I liked. When I got to the phone, I pretended nothing was wrong even if tears of pain were already streaming down my eyes!

Heels to me are an emergency waiting to happen; I still wear them anyway.

3. Shy Girl

I am shy.

But nobody believes me when I say so.

You know, I really am.

I just make a supreme effort to overcome it.

Wipe that incredulous look off your face.

And stop laughing! :p

4. The Eye Knows

I have an inborn talent for spotting the most gorgeous man in a sea of a thousand males from a hundred miles away.

I am only mildly exaggerating.

And I am only mildy using this meme as an excuse to post another hot picture of
Reynaldo Gianecchini.


5. Bedimpled Babe

I have more than seven dimples on my face. These visible indentations are supposed to be aberrations. Fortunately, such abnormalities are considered by most to be kind of cute.

They say it is now possible to have one or both cheeks surgically modified to create a dimple. This operation can cost around $500 per cheek.

So now I know I have about $3,500 worth of weird holes on my face. Woohoo!

6. Crossword Crazed

I solve crosswords to de-stress and calm my mind. I always have sheafs of unanswered puzzles stashed and ready for this purpose. When I am in crossword thinking mode, I automatically zone out. Do not disturb me!

7. Secret Dork

I am a closet nerd. I actually liked school.

I always did my homework and I was never tardy or absent. I ended up giving the valedictory address in high school and I graduated Magna Cum Laude from college. I got a scholarship for my Master’s in Business Management Degree, which I completed with Distinction.

But I also partied a lot and generously let my classmates copy from me so nobody would think I was a complete dork!

I think it worked.


8. Flawless Writer

I am absolutely anal when it comes to writing letters and cards. If I inadvertently make a mistake, I cannot bring myself to cross out a word. I have to throw away the paper I am writing on and start anew on a clean page. It has to be perfect.

9. Gal Smiley

I smile too much. Miss Congeniality is my vibe. It makes me appear more approachable than I would like to seem. Complete strangers don’t think twice about talking to me. Strange men don't hesitate to chat me up, even when my husband is around. People expect me to be forever nice and sweet and accommodating.

Sometimes, I want to just scowl and growl and pout and be left alone.

But somehow, I just can’t. My mouth is too used to turning upward!

That's my 9 out of 999. Now it's your turn, my chosen blogbuddies:

1. Macoosh

Tell me just how weird you are! :p


Cathy said...

Oh Irene....I think you are not so very weird...It is certainly not weird for having an eye to find the really good looking guys...:)

OK, I am going to do this for you but it will take me a day to get my list of millions of wiredness I pocess down to only 9.. I will post tomorrow..:)

Remember pay backs? Just wait until the next meme! HA!

Irene said...

Hi Cathy! Oooh, I can't wait to see the nine you come up with! I wonder... could you possibly be nearly as weird as I am? :p

BluJewel said...

thank you for stopping by; it's always nice to have someone new visit. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. this meme is very cute and i enjoyed reading things about you.

Hildegarde said...

That is really a wonderful sparkling well written and attractive illustrated blog you are making here ! I read a lot of your posts. I am so impressed.
Amazing that you found time to visit my blog, thanks for your visit.

Mimi Lenox said...

Irene....The only question I have is 'How many pictures do you have of Reynaldo and will you share them with me?!' Seriously, I shall not go to his website because I'd never get any blogging done. He's too young anyway. Sigh.
Enough about stud muffin. YOU.
You do have a gorgeous smile and an effervescent glow about you. Youthful and sparkly (as hildegarde said). This was so entertaining and interesting that I want to know more about Miss Tourism. And I agree. These memes are getting soooo weird. As soon as I catch up with the Peace Globe craze I'm going to put them all in Book Meme Central. Thank you sooo much for sharing your sweet weirdness with us.

A chuisle said...

thanks for the tag, but i actually started this one on blogger, so I've already done it!!! yours is a great one tho!! :)

have a great day!

"Angeldust" said...

Hah! You GOT me!

Does this mean I really have to admit to it...?

OK, give me a couple of days 'coz you are way too good at it and one must live up to the new "the standard"?
How about monday, hm?

Be back later!

Irene said...

BluJewel: Great to see you here! Watch out. All my visitors automatically become potential tag victims! :p

Hildegarde: Thanks for the sparklingly lovely words! I enjoy exploring different sites and making new interesting bloggerfriends like YOU. I'll catch you again soon! (",)

Queen Mimi: I have enough stud muffin shots to keep you melting throughout the year. Of course, I'll share them with you....little by little. One can only take Rey in small doses! :p

Thanks for the fabulous comment and for the tag which happily brought out the happy weirdo in me! Kisses, dahling!

Macoosh: Oh, I didn't see that post! I'll try to check it out soon. c",)

AngelDust: I wait with bated breath for what weirdness the mischievous angel will admit to! :p

zeroimpact said...

Wow... great to know more bout you
I bet you look great when you smile and it does light up anyone around...

Irene said...

Hi ZeroImpact! Since Macoosh isn't doing the meme because she has been previously tagged by someone else and I think 9 is a lucky number, I'm tagging YOU to complete the set!

Pray tell us what's weird about you. Have fun! :p

kyels said...

We share a similar weird trait ... Number 8!


Ms. Val said...

#4...I wish I had that skill.

BTW, Irene, thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. May I add you to my buddies list?

SQT said...

Well, I must agree that you have a spectacular talent for picking out gorgeous men. Even if that was your only talent (and we know it's not) that'd be enough.

Andie said...

obviously, i'm weird too! because I have quite a bit in common with your 9 weird things! LOL

Irene said...

Kyels: Really? So you're weird, too. Woohoo! :p

Ms. Val: #4 can be an acquired skill. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect! :p

I'm flattered you want to add me to your list! I'll do the same for you. We're blogbuddies now. Yipee!

SQT: Thanks for calling my weirdness a talent. I have a feeling you have the same knack. At the very least, you sure can APPRECIATE spectacularly gorgeous men! :p Hope you're having a great weekend!

Cynthia said...

This made me laugh, partially because we share some certain foibles. I'm seriously directionally challenged, a complete klutz, incredibly shy, but no one knows it, and a compulsive smiler (I've even had cheek cramps from smiling). Too bad I didn't get the dimples.

Bearette24 said...

Cute! I like dimples. I think i have one of my own. i also gave the valedictory address in high school but not college...oh well.

looking forward to halloween pix of your baby in a few days ;)

Irene said...

Andie: Weird is beautiful to some, you know. HAHA! :p

Quilting Cynthia: Don't worry about the dimples. As I mentioned, modern science now makes it possible for anyone to have them! :p

Beautiful Bearette: Thanks for reminding me. Sigh! I dread more and more the approach of Halloween. What if my baby absolutely refuses to don his costume and I won't have any pictures to post? Arrrgh!

Rauf said...

I have no sense of direction myself and I cannot walk on Sahara desert without knocking down something.
Loved the picture of the shy girl

and you look lovely with dimples Irene

ian said...

Lovely Irene - keep on smiling; you make the world a better place because of it.


-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. was that a monkey or a baby? He looks weirdly cute!

I wanna have a dimple too.. I have none!!! =( u have 7!!! Unfair!

But the one about writing on the card and throwing it away with juz one mistake! Well.. haha.. perfectionist! =) Poor trees!

Nice one though!

"Angeldust" said...

Well Irene,
I can only say you are absolutely precious!

"Weird" you is charming.
We share No. 8.
Totally anal about it...
It will be listed on my own - monday, sometime during the day.

Have a lovely restful weekend with your loved ones

Claudia said...

Hi Irene,
Thank you for stopping by! Finally, I have a chance to breath and catch up...I loved these memes and your illustrations! I am also a grand klutz..things just seem to jump in my way!! You are so cute, with the smiles and dimples. And I can relate to the shyness...nobody thinks I am shy, but then why do I sometimes feel so awkward and ....shy???

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

I am absolutely understand the pain of 'no sense of direction'.

I wanted to get a car badly, I can drive but can't read map, can't do parking. That's why am always a passenger. Should count my blessing?

SQT said...

I forgot to mention that my son has become obsessed with the weird baby picture you posted. He just can't stop looking at it.

silverlight said...

Weird means , destiny or fate.
So what is your destiny or fate.
We all have distictive personality or character traits. They make us who we become.

Irene said...

Rauf: I am flashing you a bedimpled smile as I write this. Thank you! c",) Have yourself a happy weekend! Try not to get lost. :p

Ian the Irresistible Irish: With comments like yours, how can I stop myself from smiling? You really are the sweetest thing. c",)

Pretty Princess Shin: That's neither a monkey nor a baby. That's a TROLL! Toy trolls were the rage years ago. We all collected them because of their weird cuteness.

You want a dimple? Don't fret. Just be ready to fork over 500 bucks and voila! You're Princess Bedimpled! :p

AngelDust: Great! Can't wait to see your list on Monday! (",)

Captivating Claudia: It's quite delightful uncovering things I have in common with other bloggers such as you. Suddenly, I find my weirdness shared in good company! Woohoo!

Pink Ginger: We professional passengers should stick together. Thanks for visiting and please feel at home here. c",)

SQT: That's a picture of a toy troll! My baby boy is likewise very riveted by its strange cuteness. :p

Silverlight: You have a point. It's our personal quirks that make us distinct and unique as human beings. We should not be ashamed to embrace our weirdness. c",)

Lizza said...

Haha! We have several weird things in common. Klutziness, shyness, and crossword puzzles! You're richer than me in the dimple area--I only have one.

Great list, Irene.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Now I know why I could never be a politician. Kissing that baby would bring me to tears. I'll stick to the occasional handshake.

Irene said...

Bedimpled Lizza: You....shy? HA! :p

JR: It's a toy troll! How terrible it would be if such a baby were to really exist. BWaHaHa!

Manic Mom said...

Hey. Just found you. Like your blog! I just did the meme too, but for me, it was Five Stupid things I've done...

Nice to meet you in this blogworld.

Irene said...

Hi Manic Mom! Great having you over. Feel at home. I love meeting fellow BlogMommies. c",)

Michael C said...

There's nothing wrong with being a smiley person who other people want to talk to. We need more of that in this world of ours! You can me a smile ambassador...I'll nominate ya!

Michael C said...

Sorry, I meant be a smile ambassador. Boy it's hard typing in the morning!

Irene said...

Marvelous Michael: For you, I'll definitely always have a genuine smile ready! Happy weekend, dahling! c",)

Rashenbo said...

A great post! I popped over since you visited my blog and you've got a little treasure trove over here. I'm glad to meet you! You non-but maybe-wierdo.

choochoo said...

OMG, you're me... 'Cept that I only have two dimples. If I had a few more, I'd sell them. I figure that I only need two in order to appear cute enough to get away with evil deeds.

Kamsin said...

Hi Irene - not so weird I think! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm liking yours too!

mysti said...

ohh great mimi! I like the dimples! Thank you for sharing. You again outdid yourself.... Wonderful!

Blondie said...

I'm totally getting a dimple operation! OK, no, but I love dimples.

I already did that meme, but thank you for tagging me!!

Irene said...

Rashenbo: Thanks! It's a pleasure to have you over! I'll definitely catch you again soon! c",)

Choochoo: Since I have more than seven dimples, you can just imagine the evil deeds I can get away with! Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to sell them just yet. MWAHAHAHA! :p

Kamsin: Thanks! Maybe just a LITTLE weird, huh? :p

Magical Mysti: Can you feel me smiling at you right now with all my dimples flashing? Have a great weekend, sweetie! c",)

Blondie: Well, you can always write 9 more weird things on top of the initial 9 you wrote. I know I have at least 999 quirks still waiting to be revealed! HAHA! Happy weekend! :p

Ju Pengfei said...

Hi, Irene!
Now I have to visit my blogger like this:"http://www.pkblogs.com/jupengfei",that's a proxy server.
But I just very happy I can visit it.
And I visit your blogger also in this way:http://www.pkblogs.com/mypregnantpauses
Today I know that isn't the GFW's blocked. It maybe Blogger's server's broken. I hear that one night the storm have destroy the blogger's server computer.
3x, I hope I will go back into "our" blogger soon!

terra shield said...

Oh.. some things in we have in common
1. Yukky sense of direction
2. Klutziness
3. Shy (sometimes) ;)
4. Nerdiness

You've got a lovely smile, by the way!

jim said...

Dimples are beautiful, clumsy is sexy, haha, lost is normal, and exciting, spotting us good looking men is excellently feminine, shy is seductive, how could you ever make a mistake writing or anything else, and that smile is an engraved invitation to a very nice day if I ever saw one, and listen, I know you are great listener, I will work a crossword puzzle with you any day! Now on top of all that, you just tied yourself for meme champion of the blogworld! 2 for 2, that is you number ONE, Irene!

The Lone Beader said...

I'm shy, too. I'm also trying to overcome it, as well...

Also, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Stop by anytime=:)

Irene said...

Ju: Just glad to know you're still able to get on line despite system difficulties! Please keep in touch. (",)

TerraShield: I delight in unearthing more and more things I have in common with bloggerfriends like you. c",) Take care!

Jim: Crossword Crazies unite. Woohoo! You say the darnest things....and I love it! HAHA! You just won champion commentor of this post! Have a great weekend, good-looking! :p

The Lone Beader: One thing you should not be shy about is your beadwork which is simply fabulous! (",)

Emma said...

Gotta agree about the writing one. We're such perfectionists! :D

Cathy said...

OK Irene...It took me a moment, but my weirdness is up..!

Inconsequential said...

i'm a dimple fan :)

i have two myself...but rarely smile.

Inconsequential said...

oh, and thanks for the visit/comment

that's what i can to say...got sidetracked...again...

shall now go and trawl your back posts...

Kris said...

I don't think those 9 things you listed are so much as "weird" but unique attributes that make the person you are.

I enjoyed reading the list.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Miss Irene or, is it Miss Dimples?
Did you check out Miss Mimi today?

Will be posting me tomorrow...
Hope it will have your approval.

I'll they check out everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Irene. Beautifully written and artfully done. I loved learning more about you! I loved your choice of pix!

keith said...

i got dimples too...

Irene said...

Emma: As my bloggerfriend Princess Shin said of our immaculate writing habit: Pity the trees! HAHA! :p

Cathy: Thanks for playing tag. Hope you had fun! c",)

Inconsequential: Smile more, bedimpled one! You'll feel happier and so will everyone else you smile at. (",)

Kris: Thanks! We're all weird in our own way, right? c",)

AngelDust: Congratulations on a great review by Queen Mimi! Someone as fabulously talented as you truly deserves the accolades.

Precious Gem: Thank you! I still can't forget how your gorgeous tummy was proposed to. HAHA!

Keith: You must be kind of cute then, huh? :p

jase said...

Madame Irene, thanks for tagging me :)

This will be the first tag that I would be doing !!! And lakas ng hatak mo dear :)

Anyway, your blog really makes me smile :) I love your pics and the way you present them!

It's soooo you !!! And I like to

Neila said...

That is great! And your weirdness is very cute! I love your dimples!!

And I personally think being able to spot the hot guys is more of a gift!!

I also love crosswords, but lately I have gotten into Kakuro (kind of like Sudoku, but harder). Have you tried that? I'll bet you would really enjoy it!

Irene said...

Jase: Aha! I snagged another virgin-tagger! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your first experience. :p

Passionate Neila: I've tried Sudoku, but not yet Kakuro. I shall look it up! Sudoku's fun and addictive, but I find that I enjoy working on words much more than numbers. c",)

sage said...

Interesting tidbits about you... Do you live in the north or the south of the Philippines? ;-)

Irene said...

Hi Sage! I live neither north nor south but right smack in Central Luzon. I stay in Makati City, Metro Manila which is the country's central business district. Have you been to the Philippines? c",)

Noushad said...

hi irene,
it is not 9 of 999.
9 = 9999999999999999.

More powerful.

Best of luck.

Irene said...

Hi Noushad! Thanks! Maybe all those nines will make me a gazillion times luckier. c",) Have a great week ahead, my friend!

Odat said...

Thanks so much for sharing your list....I don't think anything on there was weird....oh and I have crossword puzzles all over the place too!

Irene said...

Hi Odat! Weird must be relative. ;p

Thanks for always visiting. I enjoy reading your comments! c",)

H said...

Okay. Irene. You'll have to think up three more because 1,2 & 3 on your list are exactly the way I am... so that DOES NOT make you weird at all.

sorry. grin. you're going to have to think harder.

Irene said...

Hi H! Nice of you to drop by. c",) Hope you visit again soon! Non-weirdos are always welcome here. :p

Maria said...

What an amazing 9!

Shoshana said...

I have so much fun reading this post...and that picture of a hunky guy...completely turned me inane!

I hope you didn't say something profound after, because I am gone.

JAM said...

Hey Irene, I came here from Mimi's meme blog carnival.

I too cannot find my way. Getting out of my own home can present problems. Lovely Wife has an innate ability to know where she is and more importantly, how to get from here to where we want to go. It's really mysterious.

Really great list!

Anonymous said...

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