October 10, 2006

Trick, Treat or Tag!

I’m becoming quite the expert at this tagging business.

My new cyberfriend and fellow mommy
Neila hit me with this Halloween meme created by the fabulously inventive Morgen.

1. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

What can be freakier than Satan seizing control of your soul?

And what makes watching this film even more terrifying is knowing that it is based on a true story. Shudders!!!

2. What was your favorite Halloween Costume from childhood?
From my childhood? Ha! My best get-ups are happening now that I’m all grown-up. Check out some of my past looks (and try not to laugh out loud):

Typsy Gypsy

Miss Congeniality

Crazy Cowgirl

Rocker Chick

This year, I'm much more concerned with finding a costume for my toddler that he can bear to wear for more than 3 minutes. Ah, the pressure!

3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your Fantasy Costume be for this Halloween?

I want to be....Wonder Woman!

My budget would have to be unlimited because to look sensational in such a super skimpy outfit, I would first have to get my entire body liposuctioned the hell out of it.


4. When was the last time you went Trick Or Treating?

I don’t remember. I just attend Halloween parties and get rip-roaring drunk.

This year is the first time I’m going to do it with my son. Woohoo!

5. What's your favorite Halloween Candy?

Tell me you have Reese’s Pieces and I'll be trick-or-treating at your doorstep in no time. Yum!!!

6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.

The other night I dreamt I was being scalped alive. It felt horribly painful; my entire skull was burning so. I wanted to howl out loud but couldn’t. I felt real tears of agony falling down my face. When I woke up, I found out that I was REALLY being scalped….by my mischievous eighteen-month old son who was making a game out of ferociously plucking clumps of hair from my head! OUCH!!!

So don’t you laugh if we bump into each other and you see little bald spots on me now.

7. What is your Supernatural Fear?

Definitely, the Devil. Dante's Inferno paints a very vivid picture of hell and I most certainly do not want to end up there.

8. What is your Creepy-Crawlie Fear?

Throw me a snake anytime! My fear is not of the creepy-crawlie sort, but more of the freakish-feathered type. I have always harbored an inexplicable dread of any kind of bird. I have this awful fear that one of them will peck and claw me to death. Just thinking of this is making me cringe in terror so I’ll stop right now.

9. Tell us about a time when you saw a ghost, or heard something go Bump in the night.

I have neither seen nor heard a ghost. I don't think I need to. I know some real people who are frightening enough.

10. Would you ever stay in a real Haunted House overnight?

Out of a morbid sense of curiosity, I might agree to stay the night in a haunted house. But not alone. I would have to be with my husband who is very brave. I feel I can face anything if I am with my husband. Awwwwww.

11. Are you a traditionalist (just a face) Jack O'Lantern Carver, or do you get really creative with your pumpkins?

The Philippines is not big on carving pumpkins. We just buy fake ones to put on display. Or better yet, we dress our children up as pumpkins. Like so:


12. How much do you decorate your home for Halloween?

There’s presently not much room for creativity at our cramped apartment unit. When we’ve finally built our dream house, then I’ll definitely go all-out with the Halloween decors. Oooh, I can’t wait!

13. What do you want on your Tombstone?

“Here lies a loony wife and mother who laughed and loved like no other.”

Now it’s time to tag my bloggerfriends! Princess Shin, Michael C, Wench Christina, Gigi, Bearette and the Winged Acrophobic - you’re it!

Happy Halloween!!!


Bearette24 said...

that reese's picture is yummy! i'll have to think of my answers :)

Tim Rice said...

Great Halloween post. I particularly liked when you posted pictures of your past Halloween costumes. :)

Not real into Halloween movies though for myself.

Irene Tuazon said...

Bearette - Can't wait to see what you come up with! c",)

Tim - Thanks a lot! I am not so much into horror movies myself. When I am coerced into viewing one, I spend half the time with my eyes closed and the other half screaming. My husband thus enjoys watching me more than the movie. :p

Anonymous said...

thank you.

come back anytime.

Bearette24 said...

hee. i used to watch horror movies a lot when i was in junior high. now i can't watch them!

i liked the pictures, too. unfortunately i don't have any pix...but i will describe! i think it will be either my strawberry shortcake or garfield costume. my mom was a good costume maker.

Bearette24 said...

i added you to my links but i called your blog "irene's blog" because i'm a little scared of pregnancy ;) maybe in a year, though :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Irene...You are so wacky. I love it. Your pictures are adorably you. No real pumpkins in the Philippines for Halloween? They scare me anyway. Seriously. I can't stand them (the carved ones, not the ones in pumpkin pie). lol Anyway.....I will add this to meme central. Another great meme. I'm so addicted to memes now.

Irene Tuazon said...

Dustin - Catch you again soon!

Bearette - You're so lucky your Mommy made you great costumes! I think the reason I enjoy playing dress up as an adult is because I was deprived as a child. HAHA!

Thanks for blogrolling me! I'll do the same for you. Why does pregnancy scare you, dahling? Oh yeah, probably because it IS scary! HAHA! c",)

Irene Tuazon said...

Mimi - Thanks for adding my post to your blog central. I'm tickled pink! You really are the undisputed Meme Queen now! c',)

Jon Cox said...

Very great list!!!! Cool pictures as well. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoy my work! :o)

ExoticPrincess said...

that was awesome! I enjoyed every part of it. That looks like a scary movie and I don't ever want to watch that. Halloween could be scary too. I remember a boy snatching the candy bag out of my hands when I was in high school.

slaghammer said...

For me, Halloween is the least stressful and the most consistently fun holiday. No gifts, no greeting cards, no expectations, just friends and fun.

Odat said...

Nice Post...I too, don't like to watch scarry movies anymore...altho when i was younger I loved them!!! I love Halloween tho...Cute baby pic!!! is it yours???? awwwww

Bearette24 said...

hehe...exactly ;) i'd like to have a kid someday though.

Lizza said...

Hahaha! Wonderful pictures Irene. I don't usually watch scary films too--whether local or foreign. My own screaming annoys even me. :-)

Michael C said...

Great answers and thanks for the tag...it doesn't hurt too much ;-)

I'll try and post mine tomorrow morning.

phaedrus said...

"bwahahah"!! my favorite is the hot-pink wig one. you're so cute, irene! and so is your boy.

Winged Acrophobic said...

Awwwww maaaaannn..... I was having a good laugh at the pictures. Then I found that I've been tagged. Let's see what we can do.

Favourite picture is of the cute little pumpkin!

jase said...

Hi Irene,

Your blog is H-O-T! And funny too :)

Can I link you up, if you don't mind?


Irene Tuazon said...

Jon - Thanks! I'll catch you again. I want to see more of your dinosaurs! c",)

Exotic Princess - Someone stole your candy??? Waaah! That lousy thief should end up in Inferno. Haha! :p

Slaghammer - You got it! Halloween can be great fun! But I still stress because of the costumes. Sigh! c",)

Odat - Yes, that's my baby pumpkin! He was 6 months old when that photo was taken. Now, at 18 months, it would be a miracle if I get him to wear something like that again! :p

Bearette - Oh, you should. Think what great fun it would be to have your own cute baby pumpkin! c",)

Irene Tuazon said...

Lovely Lizza - I can't imagine you screaming. you look so serene. HAHA! :p

Michael - Oh, so you're playing! Woohoo! Can't wait to see what you come up with. c,)

Phaedrus - I wore that fiery wig for a Halloween party two years ago. Jennifer Garner's TV show "Alias" was all the rage then. I remember wanting so badly to imbibe some alcohol, but I couldn't because I was pregnant. Ahh, the sacrifices a mother must make! c",)

Winged Acrophobic - That cute pumpkin is mine! c",) Go do your list so I can check it out!

Jase - Anyone who calls my blog (or me) H-O-T is more than welcome to link me up! Bwahaha! :p I'll do the same for you, dahling! c",)

-Princess Shin- said...

Hey... thanks for tagging me! mY first tag! hehe.. but i dun celebrate Haloween over in Malaysia.. boohoo.. nvm.. i'll try to come up with something!

Ur boy is so very cute.. poor him tho... have to let his mum dress him like tat.. maybe he'll prefer being superman? haha..

How past were those pictures? U look nice! ^.^

Thanks! take care! =)

Irene Tuazon said...

Princess Shih - You really don't celebrate Halloween??? Uh-oh! If you have difficulty with this one, you can do the Tomb Tunes Tag instead! It's more morbid, but it's also fun! :p

Liz said...

Love all the pictures!

-Princess Shin- said...

Princess ShiN! >.< u spell my name wrongly.. haha.. thanks anyway..

Julie said...

Why haven't you visited me??? I have a surprise to tell you!

Albert said...

Thanks for dropping a comment on my site!

Whoa, how do you get such studio-quality pictures?

P.S. Black Sabbath (after) forever yeaaah.

Irene Tuazon said...

Liz - Thanks! Feel at home here! c",)

Princes SHIN - Omigosh! I really HAVE been getting your name wrong! LOL! I already corrected it in my post. Sorry about that! HEHE! :p

Julie - You bride-to-be you! Congratulations again! One more time...WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Albert - The pictures I post should be of studio quality because my husband and I own a commercial photography studio. LOL! Thanks for visiting. Hope to catch you again soon! Rock on! c",)

thethinker said...

Great post. (By the way, thank you so much for not tagging me).

Anonymous said...

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Ces said...

Dang! you are a pretty woman!

Morgen said...

Great answers!

I love the pics of you in costume!
And of the little one as a punkin'

keep on bloggin'

Irene said...

The Thinker - Oh, you'll get your turn soon. You can count on it! :p

Shane - How sweet of you to leave a message. Thanks! Visit again soon! c",)

Ces - I'm blushing to death. Thanks so much, dahling!

Morgen - Thank YOU for coming up with all these fun memes! You're the best!

Carmela said...

Hi ate Irene! I loved the post about halloween! it got me all cheerful but it made me wonder i haven't had a real halloween since i left Manila (tear). However, i'll get to experience an american halloween. that'll be fun! Miss you loads!!

ps...i hate birds too!!! my bf makes fun of me about it! hahaha


I Hate Housework said...

Thanks for the compliments!

verniciousknids said...

Excellent pics...I love the wig shot the best!

Thanks for visiting me.


I love your Halloween pics. But they look like they are all from the same year. Are you one of those people who trick or treats down a whole block, changes costume and trick or treats the whole block again? :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

You are very photogenic! Loved the costumes.


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krystyna said...

Great pictures!
Pampkin Baby is so beateful!.

Best wishes!

Irene said...

Sweet Carmela - Oooh, you have to send us photos of your first American Halloween! Please don't tell me you'll be costumed as a cowgirl...that's normal dressing where you are now. HAHAHA! We miss you and love you, cuz! c",)

Verniciousknids - I'm still wondering when I'm ever going to get to wear that fabulous wig again! :p

Parlancheq - Those photos were taken at different years for different Halloween parties. My most recent get-up was the one with the flaming wig which I wore when I was pregnant to take attention away from my bulging tummy! It worked. Haha!

JR - Thanks a lot! You're too sweet. :p

I Hate Homework & Buxexinha - Thanks for visiting! c",)

Krystyna - Glad you liked the pictures. Thanks! Catch you again soon! c",)

Thebodytalk said...

I like the facial expression in your miss congeniality picture. I even feel your joy of winning the crown.

ari4u said...

Irene. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Appreciate the nice comments.

I like your blog and i saw your Halloween pictures. They are good. :) See you around.

csmc said...

I was too scared to watch Emily Rose. Hell no I don;t like an exorcism. :)

Irene said...

The Body Talk - BWAHAHAHA! :p

Ari4u- Thanks a lot! Catch you again! c",)

CSMC - I was forced to watch Emily Rose by my husband and brothers who get a morbid kick out of seeing me scream. And boy, did I scream. :p

Manhi said...

hey irene thnx for the comments on my poem...i'm new to this blogging world nd thnx for encouraging..this post is really well written,venevr i get time i'll surely read your previous posts also..

ShadowFalcon said...

I so Would love to do the Alias costume, it totally rocks and you manage to pull it off :-)

jim said...

Trick or Treat Irene! Halloween is my birthday, BOO! lol, forgive me, the spirit just grabs me sometimes, lol! Happy October everyone!

BTW, You look great in all the costumes!

Irene said...

Manhi - You'll get the hang of blogging in no time! Before long, you'll be addicted like the rest of us! HAHA! :p

Shadowfalcon - Thanks! It took me ages to find that crazy wig. I had to scour five different malls all over town before finally uncovering it! How about you? What will you wear this Halloween? c",)

Jim - Promise me you'll take advantage of the coming auspicious occasion by throwing a grand masquerade Birthday-Halloween ball! Oooh, how fun! Advanced Happy Birthday! :p

Christopher said...

You are lovely anyway, but with that red wig...well, YOWZA!

Irene said...

Cristopher - I'll take YOWZA as a compliment. HAHA! Thanks for visiting. I'll be seeing you again, sweetie! c",)