July 29, 2005

Pregnant Pauses (Wow vs. Duh)

When you are caught deep in a daydream about your latest crush and your sneaky mathematics professor suddenly points to a monstrous equation on the blackboard and confronts you with the question: “So what is the solution?” and all you can do in response is to stop, look back and pretend to have been listening, that is NOT a pregnant pause. Rather, it is a pause devoid of any real meaning. It is barren, useless, blank, duh.

When the man you love so terribly falls on one knee and flashes an engagement ring before your eyes and you find yourself unable to speak as elation overwhelms your entire being and completely steals your breath away, that is a pregnant pause.

When you learn that a trusted friend betrays you and you find yourself stunned into silence by the unbelievable hurt and fury raging in your bones, that is a pregnant pause.

When your newborn child is placed in your arms for the first time and you find yourself quietly weeping with awe and joy at the wondrous miracle you have taken part in, that is a pregnant pause.

A pregnant pause is a momentary stillness laden with significance. It is rich, prolific, provocative, wow. It is a threshold for ideas and can translate into one to one thousand emotions. It welcomes imagination and brims with untold possibilities. Sometimes, it is even pinched with humor.

And as I, at last, boldly venture into the world of blogging, I fervently hope that the pregnant pauses I will share through my journals will be more wow than duh.


gia said...

For a while there, I thought you were pregnant again :0

Welcome to the bloggers world.

ela zawrat said...

this one is wow, wow, wow. Such writing melts my heart and stunns my mind :)

Irene Tuazon said...


Ela, you make me blush. c",) Thanks a lot!

anna said...

Hi Irene, thought I'd take a stroll over and check out your blog
Your thoughts are as beautiful as you. I'll come back and read some more when I get a sec.
thanks for stopping in at Pendragons and taking the time to
read and especially taking a moment to leave a comment

Irene said...

Welcome, Poetess Anna! I'm tickled pink that you dropped by. Hope you feel at home here. c",)