October 14, 2006

All You Need Is Love

"One word frees us
of all the weight and pain of life:
That Word is Love."
- Sophocles

Yesterday, I bumped into an old friend who told me she was so touched after reading my post on "Friendship on Fire" that she burst into tears. She said it made her want to be in love again and excitedly announced that she will come out of her self-imposed shell and begin dating again. This morning, I met a client of my husband who took me by surprise by announcing that she read my latest blog and proceeded to share with me her own enchanting tale of marriage.

Up to now, I continue to get heartfelt messages from people across all walks of life, spread in all parts of the globe, enthusiastically imparting their greatest thoughts, dreams and experiences on love.

This overwhelming response I have been getting for my recent, albeit revisited, entry clearly reveals to me one thing: in this cynical, madly chaotic world of ours, there still dwells amongs us many firm believers in the undying power of true love.
And just knowing this makes me feel incredibly exultant and profoundly thankful.

YES! There is still hope, after all.


JR's Thumbprints said...

Yes, Irene! There is hope afterall. Unfortunately, I've seen the darker side of love from my days working in a prison. I remember an inmate, who tried to kill his family (he accomplished his mission with the children) however his wife survived. He drove the whole family into the Detroit River.

When I'd leave work, I'd see his wife in the lobby waiting to visit him. From what I heard, he'd refuse the visit, but she'd show up week after week, until finally they began to talk, they began to start their sad relationship all over again.

Irene said...

Hi JR! That is indeed a grotesquely dark, sordid tale of love you related. Goodness! I can only imagine the huge number of strangely fascinating stories you witnessed while working in prison. I bet you could write a book! Or a TV series, like "Prison Break"...which I happen to love watching! c",)

ian said...


Those who say it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all may not have lost their True Love.

It sucks.


krystyna said...

Very interesting and nice post. I think you're right ,
there is still hope and love in this chaotic world.
Very good that you are writing about this.

Peace and harmony to you!

Michael C said...

You might have hit on something. You should write a book about marriage and title it "Frienship on Fire." I'll help w/ the publicity. You've obviously hit a nerve with both the blog and non-blog worlds

Mimi Lenox said...

Brava for love.
Mimi has not lost hope that somewhere out there in this big beautiful world we live in, she will find her soulmate. I am such a romantic. And proud of it. Your posts on love have touched me and made me also hope just a tad more that my true love will appear. When he does, I'll know it. Thanks for reminding me that the power of love is a truly remarkable force.

BarnGoddess said...

There is always hope :)

scribbit said...

You're right, every one wants to feel needed and loved.

CrimsonKing said...

Come on, Irene!! Sorry, I'm listening to that song right now and I couldn't help it. But I think that Friendship on Fire is the perfect description of a husband/wife. It's like the next level of best friends.

Susan Abraham said...

That's wonderful, Irene. But you come across as a lovely warm person so you really shouldn't be surprised.


Irene said...

Ian the Irresistible Irish: Uh-oh. I hope you haven't lost yours! Because I agree, that would suck.

But then again, just to have experienced True Love would probably still be better than having lived your entire life without feeling and knowing the greatness of it. I wish you all the best in your lovelife! c",)

Krystyna: Thanks, sweetie! Peace and harmony to you as well. (",)

Michael Letterman: I'd love to have you as my publicist. Woohoo!!! :p

Marvelous Mimi: Of course you'll find HIM. And when you do, that man will be the luckiest man in the world! Go knock 'em dead!

BarnGoddess: Right on! Stay positive!

Scribbit: And the only way to be needed and loved is to need and love in return. c",)

CrimsonKing: You got it! Now I'll sing along with you. "All you need is love...." :p

Sweet Susan: Thank you! I think you're a warm, lovely person as well! c",)

Shoshana said...

All you need is Love and a cupful of humor.

I believe if there's no humor, my hair will be all pulled out. 4 little boys and a girl can be so darn creative.

Noushad said...

Yea! ur words is too strong. so everyone can feel love in all.

Love is the only thing which was alive and sacred.

Nice pic tooo.

Irene said...

Shoshana - In my case, a cupful is too little. I need TUBFULS of humor to get through this life unscathed! MWAHAHA! :p

Noushad - Thanks! I know you're a huge advocate of love! :p

Emma said...

Aww, that's really cute. Love is So important. My most loved man on the planet left for university early this month and I still haven't gotten over it. :(

Your blog's real pretty. Care for a link exchange?

Qualicum RN said...

lovely and well written..."all you need is love love....love is all you need..."

Thank you for the great post.

I found you at Cathy's blog.


The Lone Beader said...

Thanks for giving me hope. Also, thanks for visiting my blog!! Please stop by anytime:)

Leslie said...

Your Friendship on Fire post was so beautifully written and so very true. After filtering through a few especially snarky blogs this morning, I came upon yours and it was like a breath of fresh air. Yes! There is hope!

Benny said...

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Mommy off the Record said...

Isn't it great when blog entries can actually influence someone in a positive way? That is awesome. And I love the idea that Love is friendship on fire. That is a perfect way to describe it.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier :)

Laura said...

Thanks for spending time at my place. Success with the stump puffballs wins you 10 brownie points. Check out your blog review

colleen said...

You look like a very happy couple! (photo below)

I have a love like that. It happened the second time around.

bismuth said...

hello irene! thanks for leaving that comment on my blog. i've always envied people who've found the right person to spend the rest of their lives with, or even just the present. period. i've lost mine to someone else. that is one of the reasons maybe why i'm a great fan of true love- love that can withstand the scheming and the ugly and manage to be true no matter what the price. i hope in the next curb, i'd find my own friendship on fire.

Irene said...

Emma: I do hope the love of your life comes back to you soon! c",) I already posted your link to my site. I love movies! Woohoo!

Qualicum RN: Glad you found me! Thank you, too! Feel welcome here. c",)

The Lone Beader: Oh, I'll definitely visit again. As I said, I'm a sucker for beautiful accessories!

Leslie: I'm happy to hear I added a little sunshine to your day. Never lose hope and keep happy! :p

Benny: Thanks for dropping by! I will only post your link if you showcase MEN in bikinis! Bwahaha! :p

Mommy Off The Record: You bet! It makes me smile when I make others smile...even if it's just through blogging. Catch you again soon! c",)

Laura: Yahoo!!! But you know, even without the brownie points, I'd still be hooked on naming your mushrooms. It's such a fun challenge! Thanks a lot! (",)

Colleen: So you're living proof that love is indeed lovelier the second time around. Good for you!

Bismuth: Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear you lost your love to someone else. But I very much admire you for not giving up and still keeping an optimistic attitude. I wish you all the best in finding your own friendship on fire! Sometimes it comes when you least expect it so just be ready. c",) I'm rooting for you!

-Princess Shin- said...

wooooh.. lots of comments here.. =)

You have been tagged! =) wahaha..

terra shield said...

What an inspiring post (so is the previous one) Although it's funny how some of my friends and I are quite non-believers of this thing called love.

Maybe someday, we will all believe again

ShadowFalcon said...

Hopes all we got, otherwise we'd all go mad.

Irene said...

Princess Shin: Soon, I would have to start charging people every time they tag me! I can't believe i'm IT again...because of you! HAHA! :p

Terra Shield: I know a lot of non-believers who became believers when true love finally hit them. I'm not giving up on you guys! c",)

Shadowfalcon: Exactly! Although it ain't so bad to be just a wee bit loony. Bwahaha! :p

Manhi said...

well irene i loved your post frenship on fire..i completely agree wid u..i'm madly in love with my childhood buddy(although one sided).. i'll write about it one day nd would love to c ur comments..till then keep writing and loving......

Irene said...

Manhi: Ah! Nothing can be quite as maddening as unrequited love! But who knows... Time might just some great surprises in store. Good luck! I can't wait to read about your story! (",)

Kyels said...

There is hope, definitely. We all go through dark times and we rise from it. And humans are capable of doing the right and wrong things.

But I guess we should not stop hoping that there is "hope" in this life because I believe that it still exist, definitely!


Irene said...

Kyels: I love your wonderful attitude! It's the best way to go. c",)

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