April 26, 2006

Name That Pinoy!

After all that international name-calling in my previous blog entry, I think it is time to get more nationalistic and stay close to home.

Here are some of the most uniquely named Pinoy folk roaming amongst us:

Andy Williams Ling
Willard Mosquito
Belma Santos
Jefferson Palpal-Latoc
Merry Christmas Aguinaldo
Edgar Wave Alon
Simplicia Incognito
Albino Kaw
Led Zeppelin Tuyay
Solomon King
Myra “Pebbles” Cabato Batumalaki
Great Mabuti
Zwinlie Inzon
Socrates Apollo Butiktik
Sahara Desierto
Wealthie Kho
Jane Panti
Lispeth Intia
Bruce Springsteen Tuyay
Jinrikisha Remiriser Diwa
Edwin Mataba
Peter Pan
Leopoldo Bolabola
Circumcision Cruz
Bruel Jalandoni
Lyonil Chadwick Isip
Queenabelly Ngo
Lito Baduy
Steely Dan Tuyay
Forever Inumaru
Saklolo Santiago
Lhuchielyn Javelosa
Jubben Icawat
Sir Winston Buan
Marlo Moron
Tabitha Jurisprudencia
Christina Lao-Lao
Jovenith Lalamonan
Weedy Tan
Redeemer Ibong
Johnnyfer Martin
Mick Jagger Tuyay
Nimfa Matabang
Joser Hegor Juson
Yollyvie Marinduque
Predeswinda Idea
Leticia Malabayabas

Take note that all of the above-stated appellations are real and belong to live human beings.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


jairam said...

If I had a name like those, by all means I had it changed!

Onomatopoet said...

just curious, myra cabato 'batumalaki' sounds like someone i used to know. how do i get in touch with her?

Irene Tuazon said...

Hi! I honestly don't know how you can get in touch with her. All these names were gathered over time...you know how it goes...a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend would pass them on and I just never forgot the names that were singularly unique. Before I knew it, I had amassed quite a list! =)

But hey, thanks for taking time to read my blog!

Irene (",)

Konn said...

Whoa!! O_0
Circumcision Cruz!? Albino Kaw!?

These people will either grow up strong or insecure.

Anonymous said...

well...i sure know lyonil chadwick isip do exist...i know him from the past...

he sure do exist...hihihi

Anonymous said...

Thanks into sharing. Like always, on the money and right-minded on target!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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