November 03, 2006

Poet's Muse

Reading brillantly written, awe-inspiring, heartfelt poetry is one of my absolute pleasures in life.

So you can just imagine the depth of my delight when I found out that the talented
Tom Atkins of The Creativity Blog chose to draw upon my site and photo as artistic stimulation for his most recent composition.
The Photographer's Muse

It's not the woman that passes you each morning
with her perfect face or shining black hair
that flows wildly in the winter wind.

It's not the children who fill your life
with smiles and laughter and joy,
life spilling from every pore.

It's not the garden beside your doorstep
with it's bright flowers and winding vines
and never ending cycle of life and death and life again.

It's not the mountains that surround you
with their towering peaks and secret paths
that urge you ever upwards to the sky.

It's not the sunrise, or the harvest moon,
nor the music - smokey blues or lilting celtic harp;
not the ocean or even the promise of love.

No, for all their glory and beauty
are mere reflections of the true muse:
the God who created them all.

Click on this to view the entry in its entirety.

Thank you, dear Tom! Because of you, the Photographer's Muse can now call hereself a Poet's Muse as well. Woohoo!

Now, all that remains is for the loony moomy to be painted and I can finally change my title to All-Around Muse.

Any takers?



Tom Atkins said...

Such kind words! Thank you.

Drop me an e-mail with your favorite color picture attached and we'll see what we can do about the painting! (sly smile on my grizzled face)


houseband00 said...

Very, very beautiful poetry! =)


Pwede ka bang muse ng liga dito sa amin? =)

Irene said...

Poet Tom: Ooooh! A painting??? I'm sending you my colored photo PRONTO. BWaHaHa! :p

Thanks again for the beautiful poem. I hope more people will discover your God-given talent.

Hot Houseband: Sure, why not? Ano ba ang liga niyo diyan? Baka naman Liga ng Kadiliman!?! BWaHaHa! :p

kyels said...

Very, very nice and beautifully written Irene!

I love it!


Lizza said...

Lovely tribute, Irene! Congrats. And beautiful poetry by Tom. :-)

JR's Thumbprints said...

Wow! Seems your blogging is creating quite a stir, while mine is stuck in the mud. That is a beautiful close-up of you. I've always liked black and white photos.

Peg said...

Oh, Irene, I am not surprised that you inspire such beautiful work! You are a special, beautiful woman--and I speak of your heart as well as your visage...

Have a wonderful weekend!


ken said...


thank you for your kind comments on my blog! i like your poetry, that is something I cannot do well!

I will be back :)

Oh you are from the phillipines? I like Filipino martial arts :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. You and the poem.

bluemountainmama said...

irene- i saw this post on tom's site and loved it also! and, of course, i had to click over to yours and read about the "muse" who inspired it! :)

brian said...

Hi Irene,

Such a very true poem about a wonderful and giving friend to many.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

BluJewel said...

Beautiful poem full of imagery and insight. It always makes me feel good when someone can and will acknowledge God for His awesome wonder.

Be blessed.

Irene said...

Kyels: Yay! Thanks to Tom! c",)

JR: Your blog's so NOT stuck in the mud! :p Hope you're feeling better.

Pretty Peg: Thanks so much! I hope you're not furious anymore. c",)

Ken: Thanks, but the credit for the poem goes to Tom! I'm just the humble muse. :p

Yes, I'm from the Philippines. There are indeed great martial arts practitioners here, though I am definitely not one of them! :p

WonderJanet: Credits for georgeousness must go to Tom for the poetry writing and my husband for the great photography! (",)

BlueMountainMama: Thank you for dropping by! The loony muse welcomes you with open arms. Hope you visit again. c",)

Brian: Thanks, buddy! Hope you have a happy weekend, too!

BluJewel: AMEN! God bless you! :p

photo blog girl said...

Hi Irene, Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog - I like your blog too.

Emma said...

Aww! That's such a beautiful poem.

It's me, T.J. said...


What an honor!

krystyna said...

Hi Irene!

Newsandseduction said...

interesting blog.

Irene said...

PhotoBlog Girl: Thanks for visiting! Feel at home here. c",)

Emma Enchanting: Thanks! Hope you're having a good weekend!

TJ: It's definitely one for the blogging books! (",)

Krystyna: Thanks for the splendiferous comment! :p

News&Seduction: Thanks! Hope you visit again.

wolfbaby said...

Well now if I ever figure out how to paint people i will try;) you have a beatiful face and i bet it would be a fun challenge to capture you;)... tjat was a beatiful poem.

Ria said...

That poem was written less than 6 months after he left his wife and kids. It looks like you are married yourself. BEWARE!!