November 20, 2006


A friend emailed me a poem that tugged ferociously at my parental heartstrings and all of a sudden made me feel enormously grateful for the wondrous gift that is my son.

I thought you might like it, too.
The Miracle of Motherhood

Dear God, what a treasure
You've placed here with me.
opened my heart
To what loving can be.

A love so intense,
so gentle and caring;
A feeling of awe
At the beauty of sharing.

This sweet child of mine
Has enriched my life so,
And in just a few moments
Has helped me to

From woman to Mother-
swept me away;
And I'm
thankful, dear Lord,
This child's
with me today.

Please grant me the
For endless demands,
And help me
give comfort
To small, pleading hands.

love that created
precious, dear child
Was our gift from Heaven;
God looked down and smiled.


Winged Acrophobic said...

Doesn't that just bring a smile to your face? I'm smiling. Wide.

SQT said...

Thank you for sharing that Irene. Motherhood does teach us about unconditional love doesn't it?

kyels said...

It's a beautiful poem indeed. And your son is cute!


houseband00 said...


That's such a beautiful and touching tribute.

Kakainis ka. Lunes na lunes...

Anonymous said...

Your son is so dear! I just want to eat him up. Now that my daughter is 18, I very much miss small children. And no, my husband doesn't qualify as a second child. (He's more mature than me--truth be known.) Lovely post. I also like the aesthetics of your posts.

Keshi said...

thats really beautiful Irene, ty!


"Angeldust" said...

aowah......totally sweet!!!

Irene said...

Winged Acrophobic: Smiles are good. Hope yours last the week, my friend. =)

SQT: That it does. Motherhood is simply mind and heart-blowing. (",)

Kyels: Thanks! Have a great week ahead!

Handsome Houseband: I'm sure you feel the same way about D. Hugs to your kiddo! c",)

Precious Gem: You look waaay too young to have an 18-year old! ;p I love it when you visit. Enjoy your week! =)

Keshi: Thanks! Hope to see you again soon!

AngelDust: Thank you, my friend. Sweet hugs to you!

thethinker said...

A beautiful poem and even more beautiful picture.

MaleNa said...

Beautiful your son, a sun.

The miracle.

It's beautiful poem.

:) :)

slaghammer said...

In my humble opinion, parenthood is the greatest transformative power on earth.

Irene said...

The Thinker: Thanks, beautiful! ;p

Malena: Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! Have a good week! =)

Slaghammer: Your humble opinion rings true, my wise friend.

ShadowFalcon said...

Ah your son is lovely, just like the poem.

Irene said...

Hi ShadowFalcon! Thanks, my friend. Have a lovely week! =)

zeroimpact said...

A very beautiful one there

A chuisle said...

nice poem. and your son is just too damned cute. it must hurt sometimes, just to take in his adorableness. it's gotta be a workout. :)

East of Oregon said...

thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Monday@

starbender said...

oh, that was beautiful--
but they forgot the ending:

and then they grow,
and don't U know,
they start running their mouth!
They drive U nuts,
U kick their butts,
pack 'em up and send 'em south!

hahahaaa, sorry 'bout that, I was just inspired! (mine are now all teens! Augh!! I still luv 'em with all of my heart!!!

' ]

Irene said...

ZeroImpact: Thanks, dahling! c",)

Macoosh: I admit it's hard to reprimand our little boy when necessary because he already knows how to turn on the charm big-time, but I'm working on it. ;p

East of Oregon: Feel at home here. =) Have a good week ahead!

Starbender: Now, that is a kick-ass poem! I'll make sure to keep it on file for when my boy turns into a teen-ager....God help me! Haha! ;p

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful poem really gets to you, and is that your son he's a little cutey.
Thanks for stopping by my blog nice to see you, that really is lovely.

-Princess Shin- said...

I'm never bored looking at ur prince's photo.. he's just adorable. Hope my kids are as cute next time! =)

Sanni said...

Wow! A touching poem... and your little prince is way too cute =)

kind regards from one mommy to another...


Maria said...

ahhhhhhhhhh ang sweet! and he is so cute...

Margie Blystone said...

Just lovely...
And then there's the prayer you utter when they're 16...
Dear Lord, Please keep me from kicking his ass!
However, you'll never stop loving 'em!

Tom Atkins said...

Oh it does touch, so very much. I have two of the little ones and they are simply the greatest gift in life I have ever been given.


Carmel said...

Hey Irene,
Thank you for sharing that, it was just beautiful, and as a mother it tugged and the heart strings.

krystyna said...

Very lovely and beautiful and sweet is your son! And great poem.
Thanks and blessings to you!

Sunflower said...

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog. You blog is very interesting too.

Cathy said...

Irene, this poem just really got to me. It was especially sentimental in that we just received our miracle grandbaby, and he is perfect.

If that picture is your son, he is so beautiful, as is his mother..

I heart you!

Claudia said...

Lovely. I don't have kids but I do have a three year old nephew that completely melts me. I can't even imagine what it would be like...

Emma said...


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choochoo said...

and he's so damn cute, too:)

Kora said...

Very pretty.. I want to be a mother but only when i know i'll be able to support the child and myself. so i wait. Thank you for visiting my site i am glad you liked my poetry.

love always and forever,


Tim Rice said...

Great poem and a wonderfully handsome son. Thanks for the post.

BloglyM said...

Very nice, thanks for the smile!

Susan Abraham said...

Beautiful reflections as always, Irene. Take care.

Cergie said...

OOOooh !
This little treasure is so cute and the poem too !

Mimi Lenox said...

What a cutie-pie. I can tell he loves the camera. He's going to be a heartbreaker one day!

wolfbaby said...


Amalendu said...

This is lovely Irene...I am moved by these words...

Margo said...

That says it all.

You have an adorable son.

Heimdallr said...

How beautiful Irene, heartfelt by all Mothers but you express it so well.