June 06, 2009


It was early morning in our hotel room in Beijing and it was freezing cold.

I was preparing a warm bath for our four year-old son, so I proceeded to remove his pajamas and underwear.

After a few seconds, my son gives a squeal and his already very round eyes got even rounder.

Worried, I asked him what the matter was.

He immediately pointed to his protruding little penis and bluted out: "Look, Mommy! My turtle turned into a giraffe!"

I tried valiantly to keep a straight face, but it was impossible. I almost fell to the floor laughing.

I have never looked at a turtle or giraffe the same way since.


Masago said...

Very cool!

Keshi said...



Pamela said...

bwaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I'm going to have to go tell that one to my husband.

Kris said...

Kids say the darndest things.

Monica said...

too cute :)