December 14, 2006

As Easy as 123

I've been twin-tagged by The Handsome Houseband and Terra Shield with a meme that is way too simple and fun to resist.

All you have to do is:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123 and go down to the fifth sentence.
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name the book and the author.
5. Tag three people.

"Not on purpose, it seemed, just by chance. The look in his eyes was not grateful, or forgiving -- it was not really personal, it was just the raw look of an astounded animal, hanging on to whatever it could find.

And within a few seconds the eyes, the face, became the face of the man, the minister, who set down his glass and without another word fled out of the house."

- "Soon" from Alice Munro's "Runaway"

It's your turn:


Ready? Set? 123....go!


houseband00 said...

Thanks for playing, Irene! =)

Your Gucci bag is on it's way!

Yung supot lang ha. =)

Irene said...

Handsome Houseband: Bwahahaha!

Sobra kang funny ha. =)

krystyna said...

Hi Irene!
Very nice, simple and funny - as easy as 1, 2 , 3.
Thanks for sharing your friends wondderful blogs and this book.
Have a great day!

Brian said...

I have been ducking the infernal meme all over the place only to find it here!!!

1, 2, 3 !!!

You can't catch me!!!


Irene said...

Krystyna: Thanks! Have a good weekend ahead, dahling! =)

Brian: You were actually the 4th on my tagging list. HAHA! ;p

Dorky Dad said...

(Pregnant Pause)

I have not read any of Alice Munro's books, but I have read her short stories. I enjoy her writing.

Anonymous said...

haha u tagged me sweetie. ur sure u wanna read a bit from the book closet to me? ok be prepared now :)

(I will post it here cos I already posted today's post in my blog b4 I came here).

So here it goes:

"In Visual C# .NET, there are three types of polymorphism: interface polymorphism, inheritance polymorphism, and abstract polymorphism.

interface polymorphism-In Visual C# .NET, many classes can implement the same interface, and in one class can implement many interfaces.

For more information on interfaces, please see Chapter 38, 'Interface Progoramming'".

hehe u didnt enjoy that did u Irene? yeah u guessed it right, Im a nerd :)


kyels said...

I've heard of this book. Is it a nice read Irene?


mobsterman said...

hi irene..
meme? whoaaa..!!

Susan Abraham said...

do you never stop being tagged?
What fun, you darling.

Irene said...

Dorky Dad: The excerpt I posted is actually from one of Munro's short stories entitled "Soon" which is part of her book compilation called "Runaway."

I find her writing style refreshing and riveting. =)

Keshi: I finally uncovered someone nerdier than me. Woohoo! ;p

That will be the day I ever get caught with a book containing the word polymorphism in it! Haha!

Kyels: The book is composed of different short stories with interesting twists and uniquely composed imagery. I liked it. =)

Mobsterman: Have a good weekend! ;p

JohnB said...

Hello Irene...thanks for the visit and kind words. Hope to see you around some!

Caroline said...

I've come via Menchie.
So glad that I have.
Your blog is beautiful.

bearette24 said...

Keshi - whoa!

Irene - i liked runaway, too! she has a new book out now, i haven't read it yet. i think it's called the view from castle rock.

Emma said...

My nearest book would be Harry Potter...

Emma said...

Hey! I don't seem to be on your links list like before... :P

krystyna said...

Have a great weekend Irene!

Mimi Lenox said...

I love this meme! It's going to Memesville.
Also, I'm hosting another BlogBlast for Peace Christmas Eve. Spread the groovy word if you will.

Anonymous said...

Hey hun just to say I am back now not posted for ages had stuff to do just hopped in to say hi.

Mika said...

hey, thanks fo the taggy. will get on it as soon as possible :)

Ashley said...

but i've never actaully read it.

Keshi said...



ShadowFalcon said...

Alice Munro is cool

starbender said...

I've never seen this one yet--and awwww, there isn't a book nearby, or I would give it a shot.
' ]

-Princess Shin- said...

Nice book? I like the cover! haha.. i know.. i sort of judge a book by its cover! =(

Homo Escapeons said...

The appearance in history of an escapist conception of leisure coincides with the organisation of leisure as an extension of commodity production. The same forces that have organised the factory and the office have organized leisure as well, reducing it to an appendage of industry....

OMG I am such a geek.
That is page 123 from The Culture Of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch which I attempt to digest atleast once every decade since it came out in 1978...
I too have been ducking this meme for weeks so I am hereby absolved.

Susan Abraham said...

Hey Irene,
Where are you darling?
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

terra shield said...

hey Irene...

Thanks for playing along :)

Irene said...

JohnB: Yes, I'll definitely see you again!

Caroline: Thank you. Feel at home here. Any friend of Menchie is also a friend of mine! :p

Bearette: I haven't come across that yet. Will check it out. =)

Emma: I love Harry Potter! I have no idea why your link vanished. I'll link you right back. Sorry about that!

Krystyna: Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was totally hectic but admittedly fun. (",)

Queen Mimi: Hooray for blogpeace! I'm with you on this new globe blast, my friend. c",)

Jo: Welcome back! You've been missed! =)

Mika: Thanks for playing!

Ashley: HAHA! So it's a decorative book for you. ;p

ShadowFalcon: So you've read her, too? Cool! =)

Starbender: Seriously. No book at all? Not even the phone directory? HAHA!

Princess Shin: You can be really funny, you know that?! Bwahaha!

Homo Escapeons: How interesting to come across a blogging geek with a narcissistic bent. So fabulously unique! ;p

Sweet Susan: I'm still alive, dahling! Just soooo busy these days.

Merry Christmas to you, too!!! Hugs as always! =)

Terra Shield: Thanks for the tag. I had fun! =)

Menchie said...

Hey Queen of tags. I've tagged you!

Margo said...

I'm gonna do this one!

Irene said...

Mench: My goodness. I really am being tagged by everyone these days! At the rate I'm going, I might get around to finishing your tag by Christmas NEXT YEAR! ;p

Margo: Go go go! I can't wait to see what book you have on hand. =)